The goal of Finally Made It Records is to bring artists out with a real hip hop message of hope, and endurance in a hard world of never giving up. The intent is to bring life back to the music with a GODCORE/GOD centered focus. To be able to bang with the best without coming down from the standard of real HipHop.

Finally Made It Records wants to enlighten the minds of the young and old around the globe, and maintaining in truth without watering it down, but being able to rock your body and soul.

Here at F.M.I.R. we strive to get to the top in every category, and we know that the race isn't givin to the swift but to those who stay in the race. We believe our music can/could impower a nation, as well as tear down what was built wrong and help them build the music game back up right.

F.M.I.R. is owned and operated by Mr and Mrs Lofland using FAITH, ENDURANCE, and HipHop music experience to bring about the best sound with lyrics to motivate the soul. They both have invested alot of blood, sweat, and tears to bring about a dream, and knowing that this is only the beginning of more smiles to come.

F.M.I.R. has introduced co-owner hip hop artist ENFAMALE on the label. ENFAMALE has skills, endurance, love, and is humble. He has more heart in his music than most will know along with the endurance of waiting his time out. The ENFAMALE has written over 155 songs and even had a song called "King Of The Kings" go #24 on the national mp3.com hip hop charts for an unknown artist.

ENFAMALE will be the driving force of this label for the time being, and we know he will take lead, and give it all he gots. With hip hop like his you won't be let down, but most will be surprised to see what he brings to the game with a message for all folks.

We hope you enjoy the ride with us and continue to support what we do here. Becuz everybody don't got it like this!!!!

We will maintain in the truth of YAHSHUA/JESUS and lead a falling people with the gifts of music.

U wanted the streets!! U wanted the love!! U wanted the style!! U wanted the soul!! U say you wanted real hiphop!! Well here it is at Finally Made It Records. U will get all that and more once you hear this music.