From the recording Rap Stone

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Wait, till you hear my song,
Been down in hip hop for so long
Been down and seen y'all go so wrong
I'm here to breakup, the rap stone

1st verse:
Use to be fan, when I wanted your rap,
An inspiring MC, wanted platinum plaques,
Never strapped, Cuz my raps had the power to pack,
A community of blacks, who could pick up the slack,
I seen your ways, before you started to trapp,
You music decayed, when you started that wack,
You need to get saved, I was speaking them facts,
As you started to detract, and subtract my impact,
I'm ENFAMALE on attack, As I catch ya wack acts,
Seen the sword in the stone, as I pull out my axe
Not here for the throne, I came for combat,
As I spit at these rats, Cuz the game been jacked,
I'm out the cave, wit my voice on max
And I'm turning up my blast, as I hop on a track,
Wouldn't lend me a stack, well my Kingdom got racks,
ENFAMALE got the game, and these wicked contracts

3rd verse:
The rap stones a place that holds hip- hops sword,
True kings can pull it out, as a final reward,
Many soldiers tried to grab it but, the sword ignored,
I refuse to pull it out, if the heart ain't pure,
Big took a chance, Nas gave it a glance,
That homeboy Pac had it right in his hands,
The sword was finally out, put his fans in a trance,
But ever since his death, the sword never advanced,
I mean a few done tried, KRS was the man,
But the industry's plan, was to give us finance,
Take away our freedom, make us do they dance,
But look at us now, we all at a Stance,
They were scared of me, I make em pee they pants,
When they think about the way, my rhymes are inhance,
Wit the power of YAH, the creator of man,
And he poured out his plans, took the hell out of a man,